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I’d almost consider myself being a recruitment “veteran” 🙂 Well, having interviewed thousands of candidates since 2002, one gets to learn quite a bit!

In all my interviews I am trying to find out what would motivate this candidate. Why would he or she join my client’s company? What is there for her or him and what are they missing in his current job and company? And from some candidates, I get to hear, that they don’t actually miss that much. They like their job, have a great team and good manager. But they would like to have a bigger role and see progress in their career because they have been in their current role already for some years.

Sometimes I get to work with some candidates closer, as a Coach, helping them to understand better what is it they really miss and why they want to pursue certain goals. Do they have a real big purpose behind it? And you know, results can often be very surprising.

I let them first define their dream job. What they do, with whom, where etc… Then I ask them about each particular item – why they find that important – they need to realize what is their “why”  behind that. After going through the reasons why we always can connect some dots and can find some patterns.

What do a politician and a photographer have in common?

To make it more clear to you, will give you one concrete example of one of my clients:

In his list, he wanted to be a politician (he studied political science, but never pursued that career path). And when I asked him why, he said that he could influence society, policies and could make a world a better place. He did not actually dream about spending his days as a politician and having their daily duties, nor their salary. His main purpose and driver was rather to have a chance to influence politics and push initiatives.

He also said he would like to be a photographer. 🙂 Not quite the same profession as a politician, right? And his answer to my “WHY” was that he would like to influence peoples’ opinions and views through his pictures. To make them think about the importance of certain environmental topics. Again, the big reason behind him wanting to be a photographer was to have an influence. And he also enjoys taking pictures and is quite good at it, too.

So what he really wanted, was to have an influence in an area of environmental topics. So I made him think, how he could have an influence in that area without changing his current career completely. And we found a few options, which he was able to implement immediately.

Knowing your WHY is the shortcut to the life you want

And you know what is really beautiful here?

Once he realized what his main driver and purpose were and that he can work towards that purpose already in his current job, he started to like his current job even more. And since he started to like it more, guess what. He got more success and better results, too. Guess what was next? Yes, he got a promotion! And the future will show how far he will get. But now he has a very clear direction, he knows his WHY and he feels very engaged and fulfilled.

And I wish the same for all of you. Know your WHY. Know which things are truly important to you, and also why you want to do certain things? Why do you want a bigger role?

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?

Probably the most difficult question for many is when I ask them if we all would earn the same money, no matter whether as a doctor or a teacher – what would be your career choice? What would we really love doing? I know, it’s a hypothetical question. But if that would be the case, and money is not involved and we all got paid the same, what would you really love doing with all your heart? And why?

So here are some tips and guidance for you to try it out:

Think about your ideal job/role. Let’s pretend that money is not an issue and you have all the money you wish. Wow!

  1. What are you doing? (What are the tasks you do daily, with all your heart?)
  2. With whom do you work (Do you have colleagues? What kind of?)
  3. Where do you work? ( Smaller company or large? Or do you have your own business?)
  4. How do you want to feel at work most of the time?
  5. How much do you work? How often do you travel?
  6. What kind of a manager do you wish to have?

First, think about it for a few minutes and then write statements and complete this sentence:

“When my job is ideal, I am ……”. An example could be:

  • I am working as a Chief Information officer/writer/owner of gallery/doctor/Director of Marketing…….
  • I am having knowledgeable/inspiring/enthusiastic/…. colleagues to learn from.
  • I feel highly fulfilled. I feel I contribute to ….
  • I am inspiring leader for my team ……
  • I travel often/seldom /…

Once you are done, think of the WHY after each statement. For example:

Why do you want to be in “the profession you have chosen”….Why do you want to feel that way? Why do you want to have that kind of colleagues? Why do you want to travel often or not much? Why…..

What are your reasons?

There is always a reason why you wish to have certain things. And those reasons and your answers will guide you further.

By going that deep, you will come to new findings and it will give you new perspectives. Once you know your WHY, you may start thinking how to align it with your current job and how to start loving the job you have at the moment even more. Or make a final decision to change it, if it does not support your big purpose and does not fulfill you at all.

Whatever decision you make, its always good to make a decision and act upon it!

The year is ending very soon and stepping into the New Year with clarity about the future direction is very powerful.

I wish you a great first week of this year’s last month!

With passionate regards,

Lubica .-)



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