What managers, lovers and sports coaches have in common

by | May 15, 2018 | Recruitment | 0 comments

What do you think, what is the link between a love relationship and the one between a manager and their employee? Turns out they have more in common than you would think.

Fight boredom and routines

Just like in love relationships, over time the excitement over the new workplace and challenges is in danger to fade away, being replaced by boredom and routines. But that does not have to be like that. It is up to the manager to continue truly caring for the employee, even after months or years.

Like a good sports coach, a manager has to continue believing in their employees. He or she has to be supportive, actively listen and communicate. That way the manager can make sure not only to keep the team motivated and passionate and get the employees to be at their best.

Avoid drifting apart

To find out more about the link and how to avoid the danger of drifting apart, watch my latest video below.

In the video, I am talking about strategies which keep relationships passionate, inspiring and engaging. And I mean work relationships. And why to keep it interesting? Well, there are many benefits, and you get to hear them here, too. Everyone will benefit, not only employees but also managers and companies. But what’s more, even families. How? Watch it here.

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