Why overcoming our fears leads to fulfillment

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We all have some fears.  Fear as such is good, it’s a warning of our brain and signal that there is a danger and we should be careful. Our brain is a very interesting organ and his main function is to protect us. Problems appear when our fears are driving our behavior or, actually, stop us from some important actions. There are many techniques nowadays how to fight your fears and sometimes only verbal reframing can be very powerful when you reframe your fear to excitement. You are not afraid anymore, you are excited about something and the meaning is suddenly very different and creates also very different emotion, right?

Everyone fears something. Some of you are afraid of snakes, some of going to a jungle, some fear hights, some fear to love somebody, some fear to be alone, others fear to be in a huge crowd. I had my own fears over the years, even though most of my friends would never say I had any. I did many adrenaline-filled things like skydiving, firewalking etc. I never feared any of those. I took it as a challenge, had fun doing it, have done it with friends or in a group and I love to be exposed to new experiences. But I had other fears.

Everyone has their own fears

I always lived in a city, in a block of flats, used to be in the center, surrounded by people and crowds all the time. What was very unfamiliar to me, when I moved to live in Finland, was living in remote places. And for me, the biggest punishment was the idea of going to a remote island, a place where no one else is and spend a few days there. My first thought was….”what if something happens”, who will find me or who will get to know if I am there alone?” NO place to escape, no place to get a nice cup of coffee, no shops, no city lamps, no people around…..for many Fins it’s a dream idea, for me, it was a nightmare and punishment 🙂

I am way too social to imagine it. On the other hand, I love silence. I love nature. I can work hours in silence and don’t need to have anyone around me. It’s just a feeling/notion that people are close. That is the difference.

So, this weekend I fought my silly fear of being alone and went with my partner to a remote island, with just our cottage and no one around. Even more, we did not have a boat and were just escorted there, the boat left and we were left alone for 3 days 🙂

YEAAH….very mixed emotions first…..but after a while, I started to relax and even enjoy.

I slept like a baby the first night. And the second day was just amazing. Working remotely, enjoying a sunny day and sauna on a remote island, no need to talk to anyone and feeling of total freedom. Listening to birds singing, the sounds of the waves rolling onto the shore, seagulls, and the only human voice was mine and my partner’s voice.

Yes, I was there with my partner, who made me feel safe. I am not yet in a stage to go alone, but the fact that I enjoyed it, is amazing. I started to even think about buying a kayak that we can go on other adventures to places where no one else is with no other road to access.

Turn fear into excitement

Impressive. Just a 1-day experience made me like it and I turned my fear into the opposite.

Most interesting is, that often we fear certain things and imagine them 10 times worse than they actually are. We have this “monster” in our minds and later when we confront and overcome them, we realize, how silly we were to be afraid in the first place.

It’s not always right to believe our own thoughts!

We have many limiting beliefs and thoughts and we need to learn to identify them and just diminish them. Fight your own demons and fear by actually facing them. The feeling of victory and overcoming yourself and your own thoughts is so amazing and teaches so much.

Fear keeps us from living fully

The fear and limiting believes are most often the reason why we never follow our passions. We fear what other people would think of us, also that we will not be loved any more, or that we lose our friends or that we will not manage financially. In the end, nothing like that really happens, it is only in our minds but it is so strong that it holds us back from our dreams.

Based on my experiences, I strongly encourage everyone to question your own thoughts, fight your fears and limiting believes and overcome them. Life will be so much nicer!

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P.S. pictures are from the island, sunset there is just amazing!

With passionate regards,

Lubica .-)



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