How to succeed in career and life

Including individual coaching session

Program Length

5 – 6 hours

Program Type


self-learning + individual session

Program Price

249 €  129 €

What other people say

“It is surprising to see what came out and what are my actual priorities. I just realized that I did not really know what things are truly important to me because I have not been focusing on what matters to me, but instead what matters to others. Very interesting to realize what has been holding me back from performing better at my work. Now I know where to focus on and where to do small changes.”
“I got great clarity on what I want to focus on and also a belief that its actually possible to achieve. Together with  clear actionable steps to move forward.”
“It’s been great that I could take time to think what I really want and get clear about my goals and intentions.  Having good step-by-step guidance and clear instructions were very helpful to get the results.”
“Realizing what is missing in my life, was eye-opening. And learning how to achieve it with small actions, was relieving. Funny, that I was coming here as knowing what I want, coming just to support my sister and got to realize how wrong I was. Thank you for this experience.”
“I came to this workshop as an “avec” and I was quite skeptical at first.  The exercise we did showed me a practical way how to do small changes that work for me. Also learning more about myself and realizing why I don’t  feel fulfilled at my work was surprising. Very  good experience.”

About the program

Who it is for

  • anyone who wants to be more successful at work and in life
  • anyone who is hungry for more and wants to boost their career success
  • anyone who is interested to live to the fullest

Do you do what you love to do? Do you know what is missing in your career and life to be living at the fullest? This online program will help you to discover areas in your life which need more attention and focus, so that you get more fulfillment both in your life and career.

What you get in this program:

  • Clarity about things most important for you right now in your current life and work situation
  • Clear priorities for you to focus on to increase your overall fulfillment
  • List of actionable concrete steps to move you towards your future goals
  • Guidance for your future career steps, which direction to go and why.
  • Guidance how to be in the flow and how to do more of what we really love.
  • And much more…..

How it works:

The program consists of 3 main parts:

  1. Individual work, with videos and guidance for you
  2. Instructions for a one-on-one session with a friend
  3. Individual work with videos, guidance, and exercises

The only thing you will need is a good internet connection and open heart 🙂

Become a Director of your life.

Living a passionate life and being fulfilled is very infectious. You will have more energy and enthusiasm, which at work might show by having better results and more success. Being happier and fulfilled will also lead to better relationships. You will feel better emotionally which might hugely affect your health as well. People will like to be around you, which might influence your career success positively, take this as a friendly warning 🙂 By becoming a role model for your family, kids and colleagues, you are influencing many people in a positive direction and becoming a conscious, purpose driven individual, aware of your talents and potential and your future goals too. By taking this course, you take the “driver seat” and you become a “movie director” of your own life. However, if you like to be in the audience and let someone else direct your life, it is only your own choice and responsibility. And if you feel there is any space for improvement in your career and life, I would warmly like to invite you to the program.

100% money back guarantee

If are not happy with the program and cancel before scheduling the individual coaching session, we will pay you the full price back. We only request you to send us your finalized exercises/tasks (just to show us you tried), and we guarantee you money back, full refund.

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