Life Fulfillment Workshops

explore and achieve your dreams, passions and talents


What are your core talents and passions? Do you do what you love to do and what you are best at? What is missing in your life to be living a passionate and fulfilling life?


Living a passionate life is the ultimate goal for the majority (if not all) of us. Becoming aware of what a passionate life means for you and learning what holds you back is eye opening for many.


During the process you will get a crystal clear image of what your top passions are. We will also find the goals and ways to get there. You will leave with having concrete steps and goals for pursuing your desired path.


Living a passionate life and being fulfilled is very infectious. You will be happier. You will have much more energy and enthusiasm for your job. That means better results and more success.

Gallup’s 15 year history of measuring and tracking shows
that less than 33 % of all people have a fulfilled life.

Our aim is to increase this percentage considerably.
Do you see yourself among those 33% or not?

Come and find out.


Our life fulfillment workshops are public and done for group with a minimum of 10 participants.

They can be done as face-to-face workshop. For people outside main capital area and outside Finland we hold them online as well.
All workshops are held in English language, however you will be provided with templates in Finnish, if preferred.
They last between 4-5 hours, depending on the group size.

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