Company Engagement Workshops

explore the true potential of your team


Are your employees engaged? Do they perform at maximum? Do they love what they do and do they do what they are best at?
Our engagement workshops will give you the answers and help increase your team’s performance profoundly.


Engaged employees produce nearly 1.5 times more than average employees. On average a company with engaged employees creates 147% more earnings per share than comparable businesses.


Meaningfulness, pride, contributions, making a difference as well as having a purpose at work are some of the greatest differentiators of people and businesses that have created sustainable success over time.


Engaged employees have the opportunity to do what they do best each day and are encouraged to do so. As such they have a massive positive influence on business growth, service, innovation and sustainability.

Gallup’s 15-year history of measuring and tracking shows that less than 33% of all employees are actually engaged.


Our engagement workshops can be done for groups with a minimum of 10 people.
Each workshop is divided into 3 sessions:


Here we set the base and list the passions of all participants. This part is done with all team members together in a group.


Here we take each participant individually through the elimination process and defining and prioritizing their passions. This part is done with each participant individually and lasts approximately 30-45 min.


Here we will go through your over-all scoring and have a closer look at your results and defining markers. This final online session will be done with the whole group again.

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