Where do you put your attention at work?

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We all have heard about how important is to put our attention on the right things.  We all know we shall be positive. But what does it really mean and how does it apply in practice? And how can we use it at work, too?

You can watch this very short video where I talk about the power of putting your attention on the right areas.

Because we always see what we want to see. We see, what we focus on.

If we applied that logic to our work situations, we should always focus on our final targets and on things making us happier at work. But often we focus on the negative aspects instead. We may have a bad colleague, who will “steel a smile from our lips” (if we let them do so 🙂 ) and if we focused on how great a job we do, or how great other colleagues are, we would feel much better and contribute more to the company.

How do you approach new challenges?

The same might apply when we come across a challenge that needs to be solved. We may see two things:

  1. we may see all the reasons why it is difficult (like missing tools, or having not enough recourses etc) OR
  2. we choose to see all the opportunities related to solving that challenge.

What do you think, in which case are you more likely to find a solution? And in which case will you enjoy the challenge more?

Focus on the positive

Often we get into the spiral of negative happenings and we might repeatedly focus on the negative part. We all have had bad days sometimes and that’s totally fine. But what is very important then, is to intentionally put your attention on everything which is good, what you appreciate and what you are grateful for.

It might be:

  • a great job/ tasks that you are responsible for (because you might really like your job)
  • an excellent manager you can learn from (which is not so common, unfortunately)
  • fantastic colleagues, you can ask help from (except the one you perhaps don’t like. There are still other colleagues to talk to, right?)
  • a great company culture (because your friends might not be that fortunate in other companies)
  • good company benefits (because you know your friends don’t have that super cool lunch place and gym with a sea view :-))
  • It might even be the fact that you have a job (since you know some people don’t have any and can’t find a new one so easily)
  • ….and many other great things you may have.

Once you put your attention on all the good things you have, the negative things will become much “smaller” and the bad feelings will diminish as well.

Of course, we all are very unique and we all appreciate and require something else.

Know what is most important for you personally

So we need to know also, which things are most important for us when evaluating our careers/jobs.

If our priority is to have great colleagues (and core responsibilities, or company culture, or direct manager are less important) – then having a bad colleague might truly be the reason for you to be unhappy. But if that is not your top priority, then you shall focus your attention on your priorities and what is there to be grateful for.

And if you want to hear how our limiting believes influence our career, you can watch the full video. Just leave your email address and continue watching.


With passionate regards,

Lubica .-)



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