A little or everything?

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In business, we prioritize based on different criteria. It might be deadlines, it might be business criticality and factors like that. Nowadays, and I think I am 100% right when I say that, no one can actually finish daily tasks 100%. We are used to prioritizing and postponing certain things for later, based on certain criteria.

Do you know your priorities in life?

But how do we prioritize in lives? What criteria to use? Shall it be the logical “brain” decision or rather a decision coming from the heart? How do we prioritize the things which are important to us and not others without hurting their feelings? How do we stand for ourselves while still be perceived as caring for others? How can we be ourselves fully and feel good about it?

In our workshops and online program, we go through this very important prioritization process.  It’s not enough to know what you want, you need to also know which of them are your priorities. Which things are more important than others and why? Because our brain is not able to focus on more than 5-6 things at a time, based on research, so we need to be very clear what priorities we have and give them our focus in order to actually improve in those areas. If we try focusing on all of them, results won’t be what we expected. In the last module of my free course, I am talking about why and how to prioritize. You may watch it here (If you did not take the course yet, you will be asked to register. Don’t worry. It’s free :))

You are in for a surprise

What often happens in our prioritization process, is a moment of SURPRISE 🙂 Many people think they know their priorities. Actually, most people think so. Until they actually really go through this process, where they realize that certain things they have never prioritized and they did not realize until now important those newfound priorities might be for them.

But what does it help you to know your priorities? Find out in my latest video. But in short, I can tell you, that you will learn to say no to things which are not important for you right now and instead do more of those which are and which bring you more happiness and fulfillment. What do you think will be the ultimate effect of that? Yeeeah …. 🙂

You will shine and You will rock.
If you don’t want that, push “stop”.
And if you do, push “play”
Because life can be a nice game 🙂

Let’s play that game now together!

With passionate regards,

Lubica .-)



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